Photo Gallery: Ho Ho Bingo

Braxten Blood, Writer

Excitement filled OHS on Wednesday, Dec. 21 as the school participated in the annual Ho Ho Bingo game. This student favorite is the first time that it has taken place on a Wednesday. The student council has worked hard to put this event together. This year, some things changed as they announced the numbers over the intercom system and used Instagram live as a form of social media coverage. Santa (Ethan DeKam) had his elves (Tori Urch and Bekah Bendorf) by his side as he announced the numbers along with some jokes and shoutouts. Students heard holiday music playing as they ran down the hallways yelling “Ho Ho Ho.”

Prizes were bought by student council to spread joy As students ran up and down the halls with their cards, there was a sense of excitement throughout the building. OHS student council bought hundreds of prizes for the lucky winners. TMM advisers were also reunited with their advisees after a month of Academic Support. It proved to be the “happiest time of the year”, and something OHS students and staff can look forward to next year.