Youth Service Leadership class is awarded


Mrs. Pittmann, Mrs. Getting, and Ms. Lage were honored for an award for service learning.

The Youth Service Leadership (YSL) class was presented the Community Partnership Award from the Steele County Historical Society on Nov. 12, at their annual meeting. The students volunteer their time during class. They are required to do at least ten reach out hours for each quarter. This means they volunteer outside of school.

The class does a lot of volunteering with non-profit organizations within the city. Students are given sites in the community that they go to for three days out of the week. YSL student Keanna Petersen said, “My favorite part of YSL is getting to help people.” YSL has been offered at OHS for several years, focusing on leadership and service. YSL teacher Mrs. Pittmann said, “Youth Service Leadership is about building leadership skills and learning the importance of supporting the community through their time and energy.” If you are interested in joining, it is offered for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.