A different form of justice league

Lawyers have some of the highest paying jobs in the US, and at Owatonna High School, some students are on their way to becoming lawyers. When students join Mock Trial, they get a case that every school in Minnesota gets to study and bring to life. A member is either on prosecution or defense with three witnesses on either side. There is one lawyer to each witness. Lawyers will direct their own witnesses and cross examine a witness on the other side. “What I really enjoy about mock trial is that it’s an extracurricular activity but it’s not like a sport or anything. It’s very academic and you have to put a lot of hard work into it but it pays off in the end,” said senior co-captain, Marna Wal. She is joined by senior Matt VanOmmeren. The mock trial team has three groups this year, the most in a long time, which is controlled by a new coach, Mrs. Shives. “I’m really excited and I’m really nervous. But more excited,” Mrs. Shives said about being the new coach, “I think it’s important for teachers to see kids outside of the school day to get to know them on another level.” The first official mock trial tournament is Dec. 7.