Counselor Margo McKay

February 7, 2017

Margo McKay, From the Heart committee member and OHS counselor had a run in with heart issues.

At the heart of the issue is OHS staff, Ms. Margo McKay and Mr. Terry Carlyle have both recently had a personal experience with heart complications.

In October of last year, McKay, one of OHS’s student counselors, noticed some irregular heart rhythms that was beginning to take a toll on her and had it professionally examined. Soon after, she found out that the impulses in her heart were not functioning properly and underwent a heart ablation surgery to burn off four “dead areas” of her heart where the damage was found. Since her heart had to be beating normally so the irregularity was visible, she needed to be awake the entirety of the surgery. Despite sounding terrifying, she pulled through and while she still meets with her cardiologist on a regular basis, she has made a very successful recovery, allowing OHS to take a breath of relief. McKay said, “With heart health, you have to be aware of everything happening in your body and if it doesn’t feel right or you are concerned, get it checked. Too many people don’t listen to their bodies. You only get one, treat it right.”

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