Congrats to Isaiah DaMitz and Bernadette Donlon (Nick Sande)
Congrats to Isaiah DaMitz and Bernadette Donlon

Nick Sande

All hail the king and queen

February 9, 2017

Every year OHS has a Snow Week, and the school votes to have a top twelve, top five, and a king and queen from the senior class.  This year’s king and queen are Isaiah DaMitz and Bernadette Donlon.  Through great skits and the support of OHS, they have been bestowed upon this accolade.  Being Snow Week king and queen generally means you have a funny bone or two as well, so they have some stories to tell about how they got to where they are today and a few wishes they’d like to have granted throughout their rein.  If you have not seen the skits from the previous pep fest, you can see them if you click here.  Both the king and the queen have graciously allowed Magnet to share their life journey and gave us some insight on how they became Snow Week king and queen. Below are their stories.

Nick Sande
Senior Isaiah DaMitz with his Snow Week King plaque
Nick Sande
Senior Bernadette Donlon with her Snow Week Queen plaque

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