Just keep swimming


Ashley Beckman

Freshman Logan Steckleberg swimming backstroke

Andrew Jackson, Writer

It has been a rough ride for the Owatonna Boys swimming swim team this season so far. The boys are leaving the  regular season with a record of 1-7 in their meets. Even though this season was hard fought, they’ve had to bring up a lot of junior high and freshmen to the team. They looked to develop the upcoming athletes early and teach them techniques before the next generation competes at the varsity level.

Despite all the talk about the future, there is still a season to be played out. They are starting taper soon before Big 9 as they are looking to get some good time drops during the postseason as well. (For those wondering what a taper is, it’s when you cut down yardage and don’t swim as much in practice for the sake of preserving your body) The team is looking forward to Sections, which is two weeks after the Big 9 meet. Junior captain Ben Stelter commented on swimming in sections, “We will see our fastest swims of the season so that is always an exciting meet, it is also the meet where one can qualify for state.” The Big 9 swim meet  is coming up this Saturday, Feb. 11 at the Rochester Rec Center.