$5 Tuesday Movies

Goy Tut, Writer

Every Tuesday at the Northwoods Cinema 10 there is a great deal going on. There is an admission fee of $5 for every movie playing in the theater. This cost is different from every other day where the admissions fee is $8.50 per movie. All movies are $5 from open to close with the exception of 3-D movies because they are an extra $2.25 for glasses rental.

The new manager started doing this Tuesday deal six years ago and it has made a positive impact on the company.The deal is getting more people to come watch movies, even though it might seem like it would cause the Cinema to lose money for selling the tickets at a cheaper price. Northwoods Cinema 10 has still been making a profit from selling cheaper tickets and from the food desk.

The atmosphere is indeed different on Tuesday nights compared to any other nights because it is busier. It is stressful and rushed due to the high amount of people attending the Cinema. Northwoods Cinema employee  and OHS senior Isaiah Damitz said, “I would go on a weekend, the extra money is worth not dealing with the huge crowd and lines on Tuesday”. However, Junior Juan Davila likes $5 Tuesday Movies. Davila said, “I love watching movies on Tuesdays. It’s cheap and a good time.” Customers only have to pay $5 for movies, and the company makes more money. It is truly a great deal for both.