The Little Mermaid opens Thursday


Richard Ong

Ariel (Jenna McMains) and Prince Eric (Nicholas Hagen) prepare to share a dance

Kayla Borchert, Writer

Owatonna Senior High School students will be putting on the show The Little Mermaid from Feb. 23-26. Casting began before winter break, when the students started to get prepared for their individual roles. It has been two months since then, and now the event is finally upon them. They have worked hard to recreate Ariel’s underwater world on stage, bringing this magical show to life. There were hardships during the process of getting the show ready, such as the expenses going beyond what they were expecting, but they were able to work around it in the end.

In order to appear as though the actors were swimming smoothly through water as fish would, the cast had to get Heelys, shoes with wheels, which make it seem as if they glide across the stage. During this process of creating a show and learning how to use Heelys, they have had fun through their hard work, helping everything fall into place perfectly.

The idea of putting on The Little Mermaid came from having many wonderful female actresses from previous shows and having a successful Disney show before. People in the community are just as excited for this show as they were with Beauty and the Beast. Presale tickets for all the shows are almost sold out.
Predictions for Friday’s weather range from nothing to “snowmageddon.” If school is cancelled, that does not necessarily mean that the show is cancelled. There will be a completely separate announcement depending on the weather in the evening.  Any such decisions will be posted on the OHS website. If the show is to be cancelled, there will be an extra showing Sunday evening at 7 p.m. to make up for it. Do not miss the chance to go see this magical show. It will be a performance that will not be forgotten.