Moving Owatonna forward


Press Release

Community group wanting to move Owatonna Forward Source: Owatonna Forward

Nick Sande, Writer

Owatonna community member Peng Olson sees Owatonna as the community she loves and a community that can improve.  Like any community, there are issues.  What are these issues?  How can they be solved?  Olson has asked these questions, but they need to be found from the community itself.  With other individuals, Olson has headed a group, Owatonna Forward, with the focus on seeking issues in the Owatonna community.

Once issues are found, Owatonna Forward will come together and find a solution to the issues in the Owatonna community.  Whether it be a new high school or another necessary commodity, Owatonna Forward has the focus on giving the community what they need and want to live in a better Owatonna.

Currently they have held three public meetings to discuss issues that Owatonna citizens feel are prevalent today.   They held input meetings open to community members on Feb. 7, 15, and 21.  Currently these meetings are held at Owatonna Public Utilities, Morehouse Room, 208 S. Walnut Ave.  If one was unable to attend these meetings, they still are able to have a voice in the Owatonna community.  Owatonna Forward has a survey found on this tab .

One pressing issue for Owatonna Forward is that teens are not coming back to Owatonna, and if they do come back it is not until their 30’s.  Questions are asked about the cause of this, and Owatonna Forward wonders if it comes with problems in the youth.  Olson said, “Owatonna is a wonderful community, but to keep it vibrant and ever-improving, we need to ensure that we continue to attract young people to want to choose to work and live in our community.” OHS, if you have issues that you want to see solutions to, then be involved in Owatonna Forward.

If you would like to get involved in Owatonna Forward you can go to the website here –  Follow their social media on Facebook or Twitter @owatonnaforward .  Or one could donate money to Owatonna Forward on their website.  In regards to physical volunteering stay tuned for more opportunities.

Once input is given from the community, the Owatonna Forward group will come together to look for solutions to the problems they found.  No matter the problem, they will work towards a better Owatonna.