An eye for fashion

Student Spotlight: Hayden Sletten

Andrew Jackson, Writer

Within the halls of OHS there are many students seen throughout the day.  Some students stand out like junior Hayden Sletten. He designs his own clothes and has his own unique style. He prefers to buy some top designer brands but makes his own clothes to either wear or sell. Sletten is viewed as a trendy character among the vast student body at the OHS.

When asked what inspired him to make his own clothes, Sletten said, “I couldn’t afford the expensive designer brands that I wanted, so I decided to make my own clothes.” He saved up his own money to get a sewing machine and does the process within his own house. He may wear some, but he also sells them locally via Snapchat or Twitter, asking if others would like to buy. Some of his works can be seen on the students he has sold to within OHS as well. Once he sells his products and has gotten the money, he can then buy the brands he prefers to wear the most, such as: Gucci, Supreme, Yeezy and Vetements.

Sletten also spends time in Options at OHS to do his work. He spends time finding inspiration for the clothes that he makes and spends his extra Options time helping local rapper Ziggi Saleban find beats for his music. They tend to give each other feedback on one another’s projects. Whether he decides to expand on his work or just keep it local, one thing is for sure – the kid has talent.