Racing at the track

Student Spotlight: Kadden Kath


Goy Tut

Senior Kadden Kath wearing his racing gear.

Goy Tut, Writer

At OHS, students are constantly being inspired to grow in their activities, whether that be sports, theater, robotics or the numerous other clubs that OHS offers. One student that keeps going the distance is senior Kadden Kath, the OHS Magnet student spotlight this week. He started car racing in eighth grade and fell in love with the sport, still continuing to race to this day. Every night of the season, the racers show up at the track, drawing for a starting spot in a heat. Depending on where the racer finishes, they might get the chance to draw for a spot in the feature. At the feature, each driver gets a certain amount of points depending on where they finish, with their points adding up cumulatively throughout the year. “My dad inspired me to start racing,” said Kath, “He always owned cars and had people drive for him, so I was around it from the time I was born. When I got old enough, I started to drive.”

The events take place at the Chateau Raceway in Lansing, Minnesota on Fridays and Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley, Minnesota on Saturdays. Kadden is still racing today, his skill, passion and motivation for the sport making him stand out among the student body.