Will you accept this final rose?

Braxten Blood, Writer

It is over. This season’s Bachelor, Nick Vial, asked if his fiance will accept his final rose. Until this point, the rose has symbolized being able to stay on the show for another week. This time, the rose symbolized Vanessa accepting Nick’s heart forever.

The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, starts each off by saying, “This is the most dramatic season yet.” Most viewers agree that this was a dramatic season, as there were many twists and turns in each love story. Although it was dramatic, senior Katie Belina thinks differently, saying, “I thought this season was somewhat boring compared to other seasons only because I don’t think Nick is that exciting of a person.”

Raven and Vanessa were the two final contestants competing for Nick’s heart. This season ended in the cold but beautiful country, Finland. Both Raven and Vanessa met Nick’s parents and enjoyed a one-on-one date. Vanessa spent her one-on-one date riding horses with Nick. After riding horses through the trees, Vanessa became emotional as she was nervous about their relationship. Nick tried his best to comfort her without revealing who would win his heart. Raven and Nick spent their date ice skating and playing around on the ice. Raven left her date feeling confident and was excited to spend the rest of her life with Nick. However, while Nick’s parents liked both Raven and Vanessa, they were nervous for Nick as there was a possibility that his heart could be broken again.

As all Bachelor fans know, the first lady to step out of the limousine at the rose ceremony will be going home. As the excitement has built up to see who would win Nick’s heart, it was time to reveal who would get out of the limo. To many people’s shock, Raven stepped outside, thinking she would be engaged while leaving Finland. Raven had the opposite outcome when she realized that Nick was breaking up with her. Although her heart was broken, she remained calm and wished Nick the best of luck and happiness.

“I felt so bad for Raven. She is so nice and sweet, but now that I think about it, Vanessa and Nick seem like each other’s type. I am happy with how it turned out.””

— Sydney Bartz

Nick struggled sending Raven home but he was able to pull himself together when he thought about proposing to Vanessa. As she walked out of the limo, she did not know what to think and was nervous that Nick was going to break up with her. After sharing kind words, Nick got down on one knee and proposed to his now fiance Vanessa. Together, they were both emotional but excited and could not wait to start the rest of their lives together.

Bachelor fans want Nick to be happy and feel loved, but there was an outburst of fans who were rooting for Raven to win. Senior Sydney Bartz said, “I felt so bad for Raven. She is so nice and sweet, but now that I think about it, Vanessa and Nick seem like each other’s type. I am happy with how it turned out.” In the episode following the rose ceremony, Raven revealed that she will be going to Mexico to be on the show Bachelor in Paradise with the hope to find love there.

This season was filled with many emotional moments for viewers, Nick and the contestants. The Bachelor gives OHS students something to talk about and something to watch on Monday nights. There will be more Bachelor shows coming soon Until then, all viewers are hoping for a true happy ending for Nick and Vanessa.