Weekend with the parents

Andrew Jackson, Writer

Get Out Press Release Image

It has finally reached that high point in the relationship, thinking how to make everything go down perfect without screw-ups. Hoping everything goes smoothly, from the ride to the meet up to the meeting of the parents. Yep, the parents, first time for everything and it all has to go exactly as planned. Hopefully they are not too awkward or make bad jokes that are supposed to be funny.

It is that very milestone for Chris (played by Daniel Kaluyya) and his girlfriend Rose (played by Allison Williams) as they look to visit Rose’s parents for the weekend.  Chris went to the getaway nervous due the fact that he was black and she was white, hoping they would not have any racial judgement and like him for who he is. Throughout the film, Chris begins to notice the parents’ awkwardness and some of their unneeded euphemisms they would use to towards him as they spoke. People begin seeing him as an item and Chris starts to get skeptical of the whole situation. Though as the film escalates, little by little, Jordan Peele builds up to the setup of a lifetime. It leaves a horrifying sad reality as the suspension builds throughout the story. Seeing the audience afterwards, they were left mouth open and shocked.

Jordan Peele’s critically acclaimed movie, Get Out, has been number one in the box office for two weeks running and has earned a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. Get out hauled in a profit of $100 million dollars on a $4.5 million dollar budget over these first few weeks it is been out. So it is up to the viewers, either go out to see it or get out.