Minnesota’s Latest Exhibit At The Zoo

Kayla Borchert, Writer

This summer the Minnesota Zoo will be bringing the Australian outback experience to Minnesota. The Australian animal exhibit will go by the name of Kangaroo Crossing. Kangaroo Crossing will offer an up close look at red kangaroos, wallabies and emus. There are two ways to view this exhibit, which is through a main trail or experience the outback wildlife as guests walk through the space with minimal separation from these animals. Themed food and beverages will also be added to enhance the experience.

The exhibit will be open for the weekends starting May 6 through Oct. 15, and will be open daily starting May 27 through Sep. 4. Entrance to Kangaroo Crossing is included with normal entrance fees which is $12.00 per person for three year olds through 12 year olds. As for 13 year olds through 64 year olds, admission is $18.00 dollars per person. Parking for the day will be an additional $7.00. This exhibit is only available for limited time, so go visit the Kangaroo Crossing.

While waiting for Kangaroo Crossing to open check out Farm Babies, an exhibit that features piglets, calves, chicklets and many other baby farm animals. Farm Babies is open daily starting Mar. 24 through Apr. 30. Spend the day at Wells Fargo Family Farm where it is possible to experience the working farm life and touch domestic animals such as cows, pigs, goats and more.  If there are any questions check out http://mnzoo.org/.