Goy Tut, Writer

Every year when it approaches time for seniors to graduate, many seniors get a condition called “senioritis.” It is that feeling when a student just wants to graduate and does not have the motivation to do any homework, tests or even go to school. This has been a trend among seniors for many years, as most seniors are just excited to go to college and get started the next chapter of their lives.

Senioritis usually occurs for most seniors around the end of the year, when most of them already know what they are going for in college and what they want to do in the future.  Senior Joe Fox said,”It hit me mid-winter and now with all the snow gone and the weather getting better, it makes it even harder to stay inside and do calc homework.” Even though they just want the school year to be done, it is necessary for seniors to still try. Keeping good grades is very important, because if a student gets into a highly selective college, then drops from an A to a C or D average spring semester of their senior year, that college will seriously reconsider if that student is prepared for college in the fall.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of revoked acceptances every year. Just because a student is accepted does not mean he or she is home free; colleges reserve the right to take it away admission if the student does not live up to his or her academic responsibilities. Make sure to overcome the senioritis and finish the year strong!