Painting the path to her future

Student Spotlight Kenzie Arndt

Everyday, kids walk through the halls of OHS admiring the finer things the school has to offer. Whether it be the historical hallways of the high school marked with photos of past students, or the trophy cases stacked with our achievements, not to mention the art hallway which showcases an array of students art projects. One student artwork stands out in particular, and that’s senior Kenzie Arndt.

Arndt is one of the best artists that OHS has seen. When asked as a kid what she wanted to be when she grew up, she always knew art would be her path. When asked what motivates her to do art she replied, “It’s something I need and want to do. I’m very inspired by movies and music too, mainly rappers.” Arndt likes the art of rapping and art of creating short films as well. She believes their music is close to her thought process. She uses art to articulate her thoughts and also she says she is very selfish about her works, seeing how it’s mainly for herself and not others.

Art sometimes has a message. However, Arndt said,  “I don’t have a certain message. It’s about getting my mind onto paper, it’s not about the desire to relate to others whatsoever… I think what I put out there definitely encourages the notion that it’s okay to be yourself and be weird, although that comes natural, it’s not a purposeful message.” She does not see her art as a certain style other than her own individualistic way of viewing it. Although, some have called it pop art. She loves how art is speaking without using a word, and also grossing out and scaring people with some of her work, especially her art teachers.

As for her future plans for her art, Arndt commented, “I would definitely like my art to have some fame. The times people have related to or admired my artwork were times that I felt like I actually made a change in someone’s heart or mind, just by me being myself. I think there are lots of more people that I could affect in the same way. I want more opportunity for my artwork to thrive and fulfill its purpose. I know that I am just getting started.” Arndt already displays her artwork, but not a lot as it is more purposeful to her she has said. Sometimes it will be posted in the art hallway or she posts up pictures in her room.

One of her newer pieces for the Owatonna Alzheimer’s Painted Chair Fundraiser over at the ReMax window to view the chair she painted. Proceeds go to Alzheimer’s awareness research. For next year she’s waiting to hear on acceptance from SAIC (School of Art Institute of Chicago) or she will be to majoring  in studio art at Winona State University.