Addictive Apps


John Swenson on his phone

Cam Trout, Writer

Today’s era of technological innovation has sent people from around the globe searching for new ways to improve their everyday lives. Brands like Apple, Microsoft, Dell and so many more have changed the world as we know it. Every year new phones, computers, software and other assets to the technological world are being invented to help businesses thrive and make life easier. Some may wonder if this advance in technology is in any way unnecessary or rather useless. To the common consumer, phone apps are a clear example of this imperfection.

Phone apps have allowed people to accomplish almost any task at the click of a button. Unfortunately, in today’s society app stores have potentially gone overboard. App stores are constantly overrun by games. People are immediately reminded of the temptation to download a game every time they enter the app store. Games and other apps draw people in with colorful banners and exciting images without telling them of the immense darkness that will consume their lives..

In the end, games and certain phone apps will keep one occupied to the point that they start wasting their time on useless scanning or gaming. These very same applications do release stress and give your mind something else to focus on, but many people get addicted and accomplish nothing at all. Many find that this can be very distracting when trying to complete assignments. One quick check to see if a friend has responded can turn into fifteen minutes of surfing through social media.

Today popular apps are: Instagram, Snapchat, Bitmoji, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, Twitter, Gmail, and Pandora. Popular games are: Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Heads Up, Balloon Tower Defense, CATS, Minecraft, Ballz, Monopoly, Plague, and Scale. At OHS, a large part of the student body has been seen using a majority of these apps and in many ways have become addicted like the rest of the world.  Junior Mitch Wiese said, “I spend a decent amount of time playing Balloon Tower Defense and Clash Royale.” Whether apps are new, old or making a comeback, they continue to provide us with entertainment and a distraction from real life.