Words by Gus


Jacob Gauthier, Writer

Words by Gus

Fake social media accounts are becoming increasingly popular to teenagers. These accounts appear most often on Instagram and Twitter. Each account serves its own purpose, some are beneficial, while others are simply for humor and posting things for only your closest friends to see. Although these fake accounts can be positive, they can cause trouble, embarrassment and later regret from making one. Fake Instagram accounts have developed the name “Finsta”, a Finsta is a secondary Instagram account used for sharing information with close friends only.

Finstas often get a negative vibe, but that should not always be the case. Finstas give teens a place to share funny pictures, inside jokes, political rants and anything else that is not meant to be viewed by the public. It is a place where teens can share anything they want with just their closest friends, and not have to worry about the amount of likes they receive. Finstas allow teens to share their ‘real’ lives and give their thoughts on the world and life in general. These accounts are created with a fake name, or often a nickname of an individual so people can remain anonymous or only be recognized by their best friends.

The twitter world also contains many fake accounts that serve a different purpose than that of Finstas. Many are used to mock celebrities, create humor, and spread positivity. Fake Twitter accounts are rarely used for purposes similar to that of a Finsta.

Fake social media is most often frowned upon; however,there is an example of how it can be used as a good thing here at the OHS. The account is an outlier in a social media world that is too often filled with negativity, and serves as inspiration and hope for future fake accounts.

This account that spreads positivity goes by the name “Words by Gus.” This fake Twitter account created by Senior Darik Elstad, as his alter ego, serves a great purpose. Elstad said, “The purpose of Words by Gus is to promote happiness in such a sad world.” If one is ever experiencing sadness, his account is full of positivity that may lighten their mood. Elstad uses Words by Gus to help prevent bullying, violence and simply give advice about life. An example of one of his posts is, “Being respectful and kind finds you more friends than mocking and shaming others.” His words could not be more true, and his efforts help turn sadness into happiness.

Not only does he offer kind words, but Elstad also shares his musical talents with songs on the piano. Elstad has had a huge impact on fellow senior Cole Bergeman. Bergeman said “Words by Gus has shown me that their is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that kindness is the answer to everything.” Aiden Buryska was also touched by Words by Gus. He said, “In times of deep sadness, I know I can always rely on Words by Gus to brighten my day.” Bergeman and Buryska are just a few of a growing number of students who have been impacted by Elstad’s account.

Unfortunately, not all accounts serve a purpose like Words by Gus. Fake accounts can be used for the wrong reasons and can lead to trouble if they are taken too far. Some of these fake accounts can be viewed positively while others may be viewed negatively. Social media can be a dangerous world, but amongst all the darkness, there lies hope with accounts like Words by Gus.