Greenhouse Sale


Goy Tut

Flowers that will be at the Greenhouse sale.

Goy Tut, Writer

The students of OHS who are in the greenhouse classes will be having a two day sale on May 11 and 12. They will be hosting the sales in the Agriculture Building room V 109, the sale runs from 2:30-6:30 p.m. There will be a variety of annuals such as Marigolds (yellow,orange,and disco marietta), Oregano and Alyssum (white) which cost $1.50 each. Baskets with decorations on the outside cost $20.00 each and houseplant baskets such as Swedish Ivy and spider plants cost $18.00. Plant sales are cash only when purchasing an item(s).

Students also earn money by selling the plants they have, so there sure will be some competition to attract customers. Senior Griffin Thorn said, “It should be a good plant sale, we have a variety of plants to pick from and are set at  reasonable prices, so come out and buy plants.” Go out and support your fellow classmates of OHS and go buy plants.