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Ms. Seiffert is working with the ninth grade academy

Ms. Alexis Seiffert

Ms. Alexis Seiffert is one of the new additions to the OHS staff. Seiffert said, “My husband, and I always talked about moving to Minnesota if we ever left Iowa, and I met some of the administration at a teacher fair, and I really liked what they had to say, so I  applied for the position. Got the position and we moved here-we really like it here.” She’s hoping to make her first year here at OHS a great one.

Before she started teaching, Mrs. Seiffert went to the University of Northern Iowa for her undergraduate studies. Mrs. Seiffert had not originally planned on becoming a teacher. Seiffert said, “Originally I wanted to become a Psychiatrist, but I didn’t want to go to med. school, and teaching was always kind of my backup plan. But after going into a program that allowed me to go to schools i realized that it was something i really enjoyed.” Currently, she is attending MSU for her graduate studies. Mrs. Seiffert is ready to discover what this year has to offer. She will be working in the morning/afternoon academy and team teaching English 9 with Ms. Townley.

Outside of teaching, Ms. Seiffert said, “I enjoy cooking, and I do some canning- things like pickles, and jellies. I also enjoy going to the farmers market, and baking: every weekend i bake bread.” When asked what she was looking forward to this year Mrs. Seiffert said, “I am looking forward to getting to know my students, colleagues, and Owatonna better.” OHS is a great place for her to have a fulfilling teaching career.

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