An apple a day

Spencer Steckelberg

As the leaves turn colors and the temperature starts to drop pumpkin patches and apple orchards open all over the Minnesota. Sekapp Orchard is located in Rochester, Minn. and houses some 7,000 apple trees.

It was started in 1962 with a couple hundred trees and has grown to the size it is today. As they bring you on what seems like an endless wagon ride past rows and rows of trees the anticipation builds for who can find the best apple, or to find which kind you will like most.

A vast majorety of the trees are of the honeycrisp variety, they seem to be a Minnesota favorite as they were geneticallymodified here. Even if honeycrisp are not your favorite kind of apple there are still plenty to chose from with some of the varieties being empire, fireside and sweet16. They have an apple for everyone, whether you like sweet, sour, tangy or crispy.

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Even if apples are not your cup-of-tea there are many other options for you to do. Ranging from picking out that perfect pumpkin to a corn maze featuring some bee based. They also have a variety of other fall plants to pick from including mums, gourds and squash.

The wagon ride supervisors give the apple-goers a introduction before they send them off on their own. They show them how to pick the apples, as well as some background on the orchard itself. The supervisor said that, “The number one rule of the orchard is to have fun.”

Most orchards around the state open in late Sept. and are open until sometime in the winter. Sekapp’s is open daily until Christmas.

Apples from orchards can be pretty spendy, but when you add in the whole experience it makes it all worth it. You can spend a whole day picking apples. The prices of apple bags range from 6-35 dollars depending on the size of the bag. Sekapp Orchard is open from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily, it is located in Rochester, Minn. which is roughly an hour drive from Owatonna.