Food, fun and friendship

Allen Esquivel

Cooking has brought families and friends together for centuries. It is a great way to share culture and heritage. The OHS culinary club began in 2011, and it will proudly be going on  its seventh year. Culinary Club starts in late September and ends in the middle of February The club meets after school to make copious types of foods. For example, their first meeting this year consisted of mid-western food. The club is not only a place to get a good bite to eat, but also a place for students to meet friends. Freshman Abang Okumu said, “I enjoy cooking, and it seemed like something fun I could do with my friends.” Students in Culinary Club enjoy cooking with their peers and also learning the art of cooking.

The after-school club is lead by FACS teacher Ms. Lage. She said, “The FACS department wanted to have an activity that was not sports or music related with the possibility of participating in the state prostart competition – which is a national cooking competition.” There is no skill needed to be involved in the Culinary Club – except the willingness to learn and to love food. Ms. Lage also said, “It’s open to people with experience, people without experience, people wanting to gain experience or people with a passion looking at going into a food related career.” Many students who are in culinary club agree that it is a great experience to be a part of.

Whether it’s an after school hobby or to master the art of cooking, the key is the bond over food that the students come together to share. The Culinary Club meets every Thursday at 2:45 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. in room E-308.