Academic Support


Mrs. Jackie Getting explains resume writing during a Academic Support session for seniors

Blake Kubat

Academic support is a time to either receive help in a class or enrich oneself by going to mini-classes on interesting topics. It has been helpful to some, and there have been drawbacks. However, it is in full force, and it follows the OHS goal of college and career readiness by helping students succeed in the classroom.

Academic support was meant for students to further themselves in many areas. Whether it is in a class that is struggling, college and career readiness or learning something interesting, is a process that is continuing to be integrated into the OHS school year. To sign up for academic support, go to Owatonna Senior High School website and click on forms and links and tap Academic Support login. To sign into the flextime scheduler, use the student school login.

Mrs. Kristen Andrix is a teacher that really likes the concept of academic support. Mrs. Andrix said, “Plenty of sessions are available for kids to get help or extend their learning. Too many kids are just signing up for a favorite teacher instead of reading through the options and selecting a session that is appropriate for their needs.” Enrichment is something that the students can sign up for if they don’t need help in any classes that students are taking at this moment, and the students will be learning about different things depending on what enrichment they decide to sign up for.

Some students feel that academic support is beneficial to them. Junior Dallas Wetzel said, “When I was in track because I couldn’t go in and ask for help from teachers, but academic support gave me the opportunity to ask for help and retake tests if I missed school.” Wetzel is going to take academic support seriously as he will have a busy junior year.

Each session has a purpose. Sessions are meant for students that need help in classes and need to make up tests that they missed. Academic support brings the students at OHS many opportunities to learn something new that might be new to the students. This is a time for students to visit teachers that are teaching interesting topics when they are caught up in their classes.

Academic Support has its pros and cons, but it is can be used to take advantage of one’s learning. If there was no Academic Support, many students would not have time to make up missing work or to makeup a test – that’s where Academic Support comes in handy.