In fair Verona….

OHS’s theater program introduces us to the unmistakable tragedy of two star-crossed lovers separated by two diverging households in Verona, Italy. Romeo and Juliet has been a massive hit internationally and has been a timeless classic for generations in the past. This production features many eye-catching details that will intrigue all audiences; sword fighting with real, forged swords, taught by a professional theater combat choreographer, flashy costumes, a well designed set.

Mr. Erik Eitrheim will once again be directing a terrific show for the audience. When asked why he chose Romeo and Juliet, Eitrheim said, “I chose Romeo and Juliet for two reasons; it has a large cast and good characters. It’s a well known show, both a plus and a minus for show sometimes. The large cast gives a broad spectrum for other cast members that are new to performing. It’s a way to reimagine something I taught in 9th grade English.” This isn’t Eitrheim’s first Shakespeare production, he has also worked on A Midsummer’s Night Dream, which was performed in 2013.  Mr. Eitrheim said, “I was thinking about bringing it into a modern era with the present setting. It is a well written show and the things Shakespeare wrote over 400 years ago is still present today, with the values and everything else in the messages he put out. Playing around with costumes and the setting is a good way to mess around with the time period as well, our show is set around a non-specific time period which I believe will be more accessible to the audience.”

A very mixed cast full of new faces and veterans to the stage incorporate our play. Izzy Melgaard, playing the lead female lead as Juliet, and Jacob Wright, who will play the male lead as Romeo. When asked why Jacob had auditioned for the show, he said “I have already performed in many theater performances before, and I thought this would be another fantastic show to be a part of.”

When asked what he is most excited about for opening night, junior Francis Donlon, who plays the role of Paris, said, “I am excited for opening night because people can see the final results of the show, and the months of effort that we put into it”.

Opening night is Thursday, Nov. 9 at 7:00 p.m. and goes on through November 12, with the final showing beginning at 1:30 p.m. in the OHS Auditorium.