Ready to serve


Every student here at the OHS at some point has been asked, “What are you going to do after high school?” Some students at OHS already know what they want to do. For many, that is to go to a four year college. However, some students dream of something a little different, and their dream is to serve in the military, and they can also do that while in college.

Joining the National Guard, while attending college seems to be the decision for junior Lainy Boedecker and senior Logan Starkson. There are advantages to being in the armed forces in college. The National Guard pays up to $10,000 per year for tuition and around $1,200 in book expenses. There is a four-year commitment in joining the Guard or the Army for these benefits, and the Guard requires a minimum of four-year enlistment, after the four years, money is given to the soldier to reimburse their cost of the courses. Being a part of the Guard is also beneficial for job outlook and helping ensure success in education, all while providing the opportunity to serve for the country.

It feels like I’m meant to serve.”

— Tate Krampitz

Patriotism is a reason why Tate Krampitz is joining the Air Force. He says a lot of his family has been in the military, and he said, “It feels like I’m meant to serve.” He wants to attend the Air Force Academy, which is a very prominent school, and his sister attends the academy. The average incoming classes have had about 1,200 cadets with just under 1,000 graduating.

Seniors Alec and William Somers are twins have family members in the military. This includes their older brother and a cousin. As Alec puts it, “Obviously no mother wants to see three of her kids leave for the military, and risk their lives, but she knows its what my brothers and I want to.” William is still undecided what path he should take, whether it’s starting with college or joining the Army, but he likes the idea of the opportunity to experience the world, saying, “I want to go overseas and see the world while serving my country.”

I want something more than a boring desk job.

— Alec Somers

With school in the final year for seniors, Alec Somers knows exactly what he doesn’t want, and that’s a job in an office. Alec Somers said, “I want something more than a boring desk job.” He wants a lifestyle that keeps him active. Like Alec, senior Jacob Ronnigon has just sign his enlistment papers to join the Army. Ronnigon is going to be Cryptological Linguist, while Somers will be going for Airborne Infantry Ranger. Senior Nathan Clark, who also signed his enlistment papers not too long ago, is active in Civil Air patrol. It is an organization that works with emergency situations, and aerospace educations. Which includes, aeronautical and astronautical engineering. Clark  says he signed his contract with the army to be an aviation operations specialist. This role in the Army is primarily responsible for scheduling and dispatching tactical aircraft missions.

There are many opportunities for students to serve their country, and there are many benefits for those who serve while furthering their education. If students are interested in doing so,  the counselors are able to provide more information about how to become active in the armed forces while pursuing secondary education. No matter the reason for participating, there is no lack of patriotism in the brigade of OHS students planning on joining the military.