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Coming together for a cause

November 10, 2017

At OHS, the Cash Drive fundraiser is always an important part the school giving for a good cause. This year is a little different. OHS is raising money for another high school. Dickinson High School is a school was very much like OHS until it was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 tropical storm, hit land and lasted from Aug. 17, 2017 until Sept. 3, 2017. The hurricane devastated parts of eastern Texas and Louisiana. Dickinson, Texas wasn’t supposed to be affected by the storm, but disaster still struck, and they were not prepared. Through an online forum – Classrooms Helping Classrooms – OHS Student Council was able to match up with Dickerson High School.

The student council always decides who they will raise money for for cash drive, and they put in lots of hours of work to organize a successful week.The chairs of this years cash drive are junior Lauren Arthur and sophomore Camryn Bartz. Many students and teachers really appreciate this week because it’s a good way to help other in need. This year’s cash drive will take place from Monday, Nov. 13 to Friday, Nov 17.

Press Release Photo
Ninety percent of Dickinson, Texas was affected by Hurricane Harvey
Source: PBS Newhour

Dickinson, Texas

Dickinson is very appreciative for the help. Roughly 90  percent of the town was flooded and 7,000 homes were damaged. It was one of the hardest hit cities in the Houston area. Mrs. Rotyra Anderson, a teacher at Dickinson High School said, “The City of Dickinson truly came together as one. People were helping people they didn’t know, and it didn’t matter. we all felt a sense of family and the need to be there for one another. People were offering their last to those who had nothing. It was extremely emotional to see your “stuff” that you worked hard to acquire ruined.” As the city of Dickinson rebuilds, they needs help. We can help them just like they helped each other in desperate times.

It was extremely emotional to see your “stuff” that you worked hard to acquire ruined.”

Helping Dickinson rebuild their school will help them, and it will help unite OHS through the common goal of giving. Camryn Bartz said, “I’m really looking forward to all the money we are going to raise, seeing the impact it will have on Dickinson High School and uniting our school.” OHS, this is a great opportunity to come together as one.

OHS Activities

This year’s t-shirt design will be available to purchase in the commons during the week of cash drive

In order to raise as much money as possible there are many events for everyone to participate in this year. The week will kick off with a pepfest after first hour to talk about the week. On Monday, there will be an elementary school game night at the Owatonna Education Center (Old Washington). For this activity students are able to make teams to play against each other. Participant forms can still be picked up during lunch until Monday. The cost will be one dollar per person. On Tuesday there will be an Art Splash at the Owatonna Art Center located at West Hills. This event will be catered by Central Park Coffee. At this event, talented musicians of OHS will perform and art from students will be displayed. One of the student favorites of the week is the Mangeant – which will be held on Friday, Nov. 17 in the auditorium at 7 p.m. The Mangeant is a male pageant with contestants from various grades who put on a show for everyone. It includes some interviews, funny costumes and lip syncing. All proceeds will go directly towards the cash drive fundraiser. Throughout the week students will also be able to purchase tickets at lunch during lunch activities. The raffle will be drawn at the Mangent. Mrs. Sandra Justice the adviser of OHS Student Council said, “By far the class competitions raise the most money. It’s fun to compete against each other for varying rewards for winning.”

The week will also bring back a OHS favorite- head shaving. Throughout the Cash Drive week, donation boxes will be available to raise money for teachers to have their head shaved. The teachers chosen are Mr. Pierce and Mr. Eitrheim. The shaving will take place Monday, Nov. 20. Another new thing happening this year will be a coffee cart for teachers. Mrs. Angela Sager said, “Cash Drive is an awesome way to get everyone involved in giving to those in need.” These events will hopefully bring in money to support the cause.

This is not the first time OHS has helped raise funds for hurricane devastation. In 2006, OHS first reached out to a Louisiana student council to help them pay for dances and other activities for their students after Hurricane Katrina.  Last year, OHS raised exact number a little over $7,069.08 for Hope For Haiti. This year, the student council’s goal is to beat that by raising $8,000. To reach this goal, they will need everyone’s help and gracious donations. All the money will be going to Dickinson High School to help them in their process of rebuilding their school.

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