Resume Required

New senior requirement implemented


Lauren Arthur

Seniors this year are required to have resumes prior to graduation

Jade Hanson

Seniors are planning for a life after OHS. The main goal the school has is to set up students for success after they graduate. In an effort to try and help students be more successful, the school system has decided to add a new requirement. The school system has added the requirement of having seniors write resumes and cover letters, with a hope the students will be more successful after graduation.

Students already have the opportunity to take classes that focus on preparing themselves for the future including: Career Exploration, Mentorships, Internships and Life on Your Own. In these classes, students may have to complete a resume. Since many students already have a resume, another goal is to help these students update resumes and while allowing the other students who did not take these classes complete one.

Mrs. Jackie Getting, Mrs. Val Rose and Mr. Tate Cummins are the teachers leading the resume sessions . They are putting together the list of students with and without resumes, signing students up for academic support and overseeing the creation and revision of resumes. Since these three teachers are sharing the workload of overseeing this project, graduating seniors with a resume can be a more attainable goal. However, they will be seeing every senior, and they will take the time necessary to ensure that every individual resume is a quality. For the seniors who haven’t made a resume before, it will typically take three or four academic support sessions to be completed.

The business community of Owatonna also recommended that students graduate with a resume. They felt that this would help the Owatonna seniors receive jobs after they graduate and have resumes for college scholarships. They also felt it was critical that, as a student graduates, seniors learn to follow business etiquette when applying for any position, whether they head to college or right into the workplace.

I think it’s very important that they have a resume, because they will need it in the future.” The teachers’ goals are to support students in any way to prepare them scholastically, so administration is looking for ways to help outside of school”

— Mrs. Val Rose

When a student graduates from high school they are in the real world. This means many things. From buying necessities to going out or housing to trips, people will need money. How can one do that without money to spend? With a resume, OHS is trying to help get its graduates in the door of job interviews. Mrs. Rose said,  “I think it’s very important that they have a resume, because they will need it in the future.” The teachers’ goals are to support students in any way to prepare them scholastically, so administration is looking for ways to help outside of school.”

Some people who are looking to hire say that having a cover letter, which is an introduction letter, and is just as important as the resume. This is why OHS is working to add this requirement. A cover letter may not be recognized as much as it should be. Sending a cover letter along with the resume will set individuals apart from other applicants. When applying for anything, they want to see who you really are, and a great cover letter can do that more than just a resume.

Last year there were a number of seniors that reached senior year, and they didn’t touch base with their counselors about applications, the workplace or resumes. Since some students last year did not have a clue how to be ready to go to college or go to work, the counselors are making it a priority to talk to every senior about his or her plans after high school.

The counseling office is really hoping that having seniors write resumes will be utilized to its full potential. Counselor Margo McKay said, “The students that are more prone to blowing it off, and try to get out of doing it, are the students that will probably need it the most.” The workforce and businesses of Owatonna have guided these expectations for the students of the OHS, now the school is hoping that this new requirement will make our seniors more prepared.

Most people will need a resume at some point of time. Before 2012 students were required to take a class called Life Work Prep.  It used to be required for all students  to have a completed resume and cover letter by the time they graduate.The course addressed college and career readiness, but it was discontinued by the school board.  Components for this class have been picked up through business education, family consumer science and options.

Now five years later, OHS is using academic support in order to help students with this assignment.  After hearing it is a requirement, many seniors wondered will this prevent a student from graduating. Mr. Randall said, “I think we will be very persistent in making sure that all of our students have that done. Am I going to withhold a diploma? Probably not.” His new goal is to eventually bring back the requirement to have all students complete a resume and cover letter before they graduate.

Seniors are being signed up and will have academic support to work on their resumes and cover letters over the course of the year.