Sending off love to Texas


Khaleb Charles

Cash Drive feature photo. Lauren Arthur (senior) and Cameron Bartz (sophomore)

Jade Hanson

The 2017 Cash Drive at the OHS has come to a close, raising a grand total of $7,295.30. The OHS raised money for Dickinson High School in Texas, which was hit by Hurricane Harvey. The school was left in need of repair and supplies to help them get back to how they were. They were not expecting to be hit by the hurricane, leading to the town being unprepared. Through an organization that connects schools for just this reason, OHS will be gifting $7,295.30 to Dickinson. The money will go towards their need for technology ranging from printers to computers.

The school had aimed to raise $8,000 this year and ended just shy of the goal. There were a lot of activities the student council had planned in order to bring in money for the great cause. Junior Camryn Bartz, one of the leaders of the week, had this to say on which event was the best, “The Mangeant – there were a lot of people there which lead to a lot of money and donations.” The Mangeant was the main event throughout the week to help raise money. It consisted of students gathered to watch interviews, funny costumes and lip syncing. “Last year we had paired the Mangent with a dance afterwards, we almost raised as much this year as last year, even though last year we didn’t have the dance included,” said Mrs. Sandra Justice.

Throughout the whole week, there were also competitions between the classes to see who would raise the most money. The freshman won raising a total of $1,519, the sophomore’s raised $1,138, the junior’s raised was $371.90, the seniors total money raised was $1,138, and teachers donated $560.01. The student council wanted to reach out and give the teachers a way to donate, so they brought around a muffin and coffee cart in the morning, where the teachers were allowed to get their caffeine fix and donate to the cause. There were also lunch time activities throughout the week that consisted of waxing, shaving cream and cheese balls and gummy worms in whipped cream.

The students at the OHS were all in when it comes to classroom competitions, which were individual classes of teachers competing to raise money. Mrs. Polly Shives’ English class competition between the the two freshman classes against the senior class was very competitive. They fought for a chance to win a pancake party. Mrs. Shives’ freshman raised a total of $1,000.08, and the seniors raised $1,012.25. The grand total of these english classes was $2,012.33. When Mrs. Shives was asked her reaction to the total, she said, “I cried and was very overwhelmed. It was kinda unreal to sit back and watch it all happen.” Mrs. Shives had explained how the two classes where competing until the last minutes, trying to stay ahead of each other. In the end, both classes were able to receive some sort of a reward.

With a total of the week at $7,296.30, the Cash Drive week was a success. All of the money will go directly to Dickinson High School to help them with the process of restoring their school.