Showing gusto in FriendO


Spencer Steckelberg

For Tech Thursday Magnet takes a new look at the new app Friendo

Devon Dunford

FriendO is a new free to play trivia game in the app store that has become very popular at the Owatonna Senior High School. FriendO is a great way to see just how well friends know each other in random categories through quirky questions. FriendO operates strictly as a friend vs. friend trivial game that allows players to choose questions in different categories, and then the player chooses the answer that fits them best. After that, it is up to the opponent to see if they can answer the question correctly. These friends can either be invited via Facebook, mobile number or, from your address book.

Questions can range from such things as: personality, clothing, sports, music and much more. This is a great app for people who like trivia games like Trivia Crack. In regards to their time with the app, junior Elle Driskell Felts said, “It’s an addictively fun game, and Aqil Lakha doesn’t reply fast enough.” So far, the only flaw shown is that eventually players play so much that there are not enough questions. The game is fun, and players are left wanting more. Thankfully the developers have been listening and are updating the game with bug fixes, new features, more questions and new categories . With all that being said, it is time to invite some friends and get to quizzing.