It’s speech season

Brock Stephenson

Speech team is getting started with their interest meeting for grades nine through 12 on Wednesday, Dec. 6, after school in Mrs.Marcia  Anderson’s room (G303) at the Owatonna High School. There will be a combined “sign-up” meeting for grades seven through 12 on Wednesday, Dec. 13, time and location yet to be determined to pick categories. Speech team practices are very flexible. Coaches will have an online sign up available listing all times available for practice. Then the student can just sign up for the slot that works best for them. Practices will be one or two times a week for 30 minutes.

There are 13 different categories of speeches. They have categories where you can portray humorous, dramatic and/or realistic characters similar to theatre. Also, have categories where you research current events, a social structure you want to change or a topic that interests you. There are also categories that, involve writing and your own speech, performing someone else’s words, or not even memorizing a speech at all. They even have a category where you don’t stand in the front of the room. Returning participant Liam Miller said, “I am looking forward to seeing people in my category from previous years.”

Come to the interest meeting so you can find out what speech is all about. Speech Coach Nicole Wagner said, “I’m really excited about expanding and developing the team. Plus, Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Heinz are both really passionate about the activity and bring a new energy to the team.” If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Anderson at the Owatonna High School or Mrs. Wagner at the Owatonna Middle School.