Battle of the Brains: The Knowledge Bowl


Evan Hackerson

The Knowledge Bowl is a club that all OHS students can join throughout the year. The Knowledge Bowl is a club that competes in teams to answer a variety of trivia questions. Competitions are most similar to the popular game show “Jeopardy” with people in groups. Team members work together to answer questions in an abundance of categories. The categories included are: Math, Geography, English, Science, Religion, Music, Literature, History and many more. The Knowledge Bowl team competes against two other teams from the Big 9 during competition.

The program is hoping to have enough members to create two teams for competition. The club needs five members minimum, and they will take anyone at any time. The team practices once a week after school, led by adviser Stacy Nguyen. The team practices usually last one to two hours. To join, go to the district website and pay via feepay. The fees will be demonstrated clearly on the district website. The team will usually compete in two meets per month.

The competition starts by presenting a question from a category to the competitors. Then, whichever team that buzzes in first gets 15 seconds to converse and then have a selected spokesperson answer the question. The scoring is based off questions answered correctly, and the top scores of all competitors move on to the next preliminary level in subregional or regional competition. The meets will start in January and continue through March. The team will have its last regular season meet at subregionals which consist of 130 teams from across the region. The top 27 teams will move onto regionals. From regionals, judging on performance, five to six teams will head onto the state competition in Brainerd, Minnesota.

The Knowledge Bowl may not be for everyone, but it does accept everyone. If you think you know trivia and facts, feel free to signup and join at any time. The team needs your intelligence to succeed. If interested in joining contact adviser Stacy Nguyen through the activities office.