Adding up to a great season


Khaleb Charles

Math League practice for their upcoming meets

Khaleb Charles, Staff Writer

The OHS Math League is a team of some of Owatonna’s brightest arithmetic loving students. They have competed in two meets this season, and have placed fourth out of the six in the Section.Their meets are comprised of four different categories (A, B, C, D). Category A would consist of algebra problems, B of geometry problems, C is trigonometry and precalculus and D contains algebra two. Each mathlete must choose two of these categories to participate in and then there is a team event where they all work together.

The competitions work with a point system. There are four categories which only up to four people may participate in. Each category and each person can score seven points. Last year the team scored a few perfect sevens meaning that the participant got all of their questions correct. Since each individual competes four times in one meet with seven possible points each match, they can score up to a possible 28 points.

Right now the team is short on players so we are not able to gain as many points as other teams. Despite this disadvantage there are six OHS students that have placed in the top 34 of the Big 9 Conference. Emily Maine said, “Since the team is younger, I see a lot of potential in us.” The students who have placed are; Miles Kuhn ranks 13th with 15 points, Jacob Pfeifer ranks 16th with 12 points, John Pfeifer ranks 22nd with seven points, Emily Maine ranks 24 with six points, Jenna Gleason ranks 29th with five point and Brandon Steiger ranks 34th with four points.

Math League is still in need of the brightest minds around OHS. If math league sounds like it may interest you, you can still join. For more information visit Mr. Benson in room G-307.