Brings songs a good cheer

Brody Veach

Fresh snowfall, hearing cheerful christmas music, and a hot cup of hot cocoa is one way to get in the christmas spirit. If you’re feeling a little bah humbug this holiday season, you might just need a little dose of the OHS Carolers.

 The carolers are a group of students here at OHS who are lead by Mr. Chris Harris. The group goes to all sorts of venues such as elementary schools, the ‘Lighting of the Lights’ in Central park on Nov. 30, and many other various locations around Owatonna. Senior Ian Crum’s favorite venue to perform is at places such as the hospice houses and senior living centers. Crum said, “It means the most to them, so it means the most to me.” Crum, like most of the Carolers love to see their audience’s face light up when they sing a song from when they were young and anxious for Christmas.

 The OHS Carolers have roughly 30 members varying from first year sophomores, to third year returning seniors. With many returning seniors the leadership throughout the group is strong. Two leaders that stand out are the two conductors of the group, senior Greta Jacobson, and junior Elena Dant. These two ladies choose the songs that they will perform, as well as conducting the group as they sing. The motivation is strong with this years carolers. They practice at least once a week, as well as on their lunch, and on the days of their tours or their extended performances.

There is great honor in being an OHS Caroler, with a community full of cheer supporting them. The tradition of listening the OHS Caroler’s will happen again, as they spread Christmas cheer throughout the Owatonna community. The next Caroler’s appearance will be on Tuesday, Dec. 19, at 7:00 p.m.