Putting a little “pep” in your step


OHS Pep Band will be performing at many OHS winter sporting events

Joey Wencl

Pep band is a student activity here at the Owatonna High School. The group consists of students that play music at different events, such as, home sporting events or pep fests. They play an integral part of these events and they are especially important for building excitement.

There are about 120 students involved in pep band and the environment of this group is quite friendly. Senior percussionist Jake Schuell said, “I feel like there is no hate towards pep band people and that everyone gets along very well. The changes of pep band is keeping up with the seniors leading, and after they leave, the new seniors have to take control and recover and try to make pep band better every year.” With this exchange of leadership throughout the years, the most exciting activities at Owatonna High School.

Mr. Guenther, the band teacher, and leader of the Pep Band was very excited about the band’s performance at the 2017 State Football game. When asked what it was like to participate in the event, Mr. Guenther said, “It was very cool to be able to participate at an event like this.” It was one of the biggest bands that he has ever taken to an event. The band consisted of roughly 120 students who are in a variety of bands throughout the school.

There was a lot of spirit from kids of all ages. In Pep Band, their job is to bring everyone spirit with their music. The student section leaders Ben Stelter and Ian Rubish helped out by doing cheers including the party cheer. It helps the student section feel connected to the music. The only word to explain the environment was “electrifying.” The students felt the vibe that they had to deliver a great product and it was more difficult to play at the bank because of the loud environment. The band fixed this by rotating about 45 degrees and playing more towards the crowd and student section. Guenther said, “The environment when the band got back to Owatonna, and in the OHS auditorium was really awesome with the supportive community.” Guenther said he was very happy for the team and the students and the coaching staff, “It was all good”.

Members agree that Pep Band is fun and enjoyable. It gives the members a chance to meet new people throughout all four grades. Pep Band puts in a lot of time into practice that may not always be recognized. They have a practice session right before every home game or pep fest that they play at, they also sometimes practice after school for special occasions. This philosophy of practicing like you perform has made the band sound wonderful. Pep Band is a great student activity for those involved at OHS.

The band’s next appearance is Dec. 19 at the Four Seasons Centre. Winter Pep Band is still taking members and is open to anyone who wants to join. They practice an average of one to two hours a day. There are about 50-80 members in winter pep depending on the day. They go to a variety of events around town. For more information talk to Mr. Guenther.