Playlist: Get up and dance

Jordan Jensen

In a world filled with millions upon millions of songs by various artists and producers. It’s impossible to  listen and find all of the best songs out there. This playlist consists of 10 songs that will make a person want to get up and dance along, while letting their mind roam free.  These are the radio edits of some great songs:

1. “Subeme La Radio” by Enrique Iglesias. It’s upbeat tempo and lyrics gets the body moving with the infectious rhythm.

2. “King Speech” by Futuristic, clean version. A mixture between his swift lyrics and style the beat can really make anyone turn up. It’s the only song that is not on Spotify and can be found on youtube.

3. “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi. The instant classic hit charts fairly quickly. The Spanish beat and feel of the song gets anyone that listens to it to start dancing.

4. “Everyday” by Asap Rocky. The mellow vibes and the story behind the lyrics is relatable  and allows  the mind to roam free and relax.

5. “Got This” by Russ. His style speaks to everyone’’ side of wanting to achieve what they want in life.


To find out the rest of the songs for the list visit our Spotify for the Playlist: