Bring the house down


Cade King receives his first place award from military officer after Christmas Tournament finals

Andrew Jackson

The OHS Wrestling team’s season started off strong this year with captains, Peyton Robb, Parker Westphal and Cade King leading the front lines. The team has had a great season so far winning both in individual tournaments, and  all their team duels

After placing ninth in the prestigious Minnesota Christmas Tournament, along with their three duel meets against Mankato West, Northfield and Rochester Century this season, the wrestling team has solidified their spot as a force to be reckoned with. These wins are merely rewards of the work that has already been put in this season. The team is looking forward to a long season ahead of them. When asked what they’re looking forward to, Head Coach  Mr. Adam Woitalla said, “Our duel against Albert Lea. Two programs ranked top ten in the state, two programs that are in the same conference and same section. There’s a lot on the line for that duel and we’re really looking forward to that.” With the hard work and determination the team has to win, they will stop at no cost to beat the Tigers.

The wrestling team has been working nonstop to achieve their goals. That means morning running, long practices and cardio weight training with Mr. Jerry Eggermont and Mr. Matt Olson. This also means gruelling workouts at practice which include the teams infamously hard circle drills.

This season the team is looking forward to the squad they have built up consisting of students all over the map. Some are varsity veterans, and others have been pulled up from the Junior High. Their expectations are to reach that state tournament and come out as one of the best teams in the state. When asked about the team, Westphal said, “Our standout guys right now would be Blake West, Landon Johnson, Riley Becker, Peyton Robb, Cade King and Nick Staska. They are all very strong and determined wrestlers who I expect to make a state run.”

The next wrestling event will be The Clash, a tough team tournament bringing top ranked schools from all over the country together to face off. That will take place on friday Dec. 29-30 at the RCTC Athletic Center in Rochester. Wrestling will be all day on both competition days. Good luck to the Huskies.