Beats by Dr. Dre


Beats have taken the headphone industry by storm

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In 2017 there are always many new technology products coming out. One company that is changing the game is Beats by Dr. Dre. Beats is a company that has morphed the headphone industry as well as how we listen to music. Beats have made many unique products, ranging from over the ear headphones to in ear headphones and the Beats Pill.

According to Beats official site, the company was founded in 2006 by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine. Beats has been founded on their strong value of customer loyalty, which includes a high price tag for their premium products. They feature many different products from headphones, to earphones and even speakers. Beats has been known for their high price tag, but also for their high quality product.

Beats has a good reputational background with a big line of products, Latimes a site with reviews and beats products says. The first pair to come to the market were beats studios in 2008, this was initially when Lovine and Dre owned most of the company along with Monster. Lovine and Dre then decided to sell a majority of their company to HTC a phone company for 309 million.Beats released the Solo’s and the Beats Mixr. Monster then cut off their relations with beats. Beats came out with a new pair of beats with HTC, the first one to hit the market was the beats Executives. About a year after that HTC sold there full shares back to beats for 265 million. Beats thought outside the box and make a music streaming called Beats music Which had about 200,000 subscribers. Dre and Lovine then sell beats company to apple for 3 billion in August of 2016 which Apple still owns today.

Since 2006, Beats has constantly been improving their products. This also comes with the added price tag though. This is in part due to the company being sold to the technological empire Apple in 2014. Some of the newest features on the Beats 2017 Studio3 are improved battery life, noise blocking earphones, and ear pads that customise to the users ear. With the new features, the headphones come at a $349.95 price tag. Although the price tag can be deceiving, they are truly a quality pair of headphones and are worth the purchase. If the Studio 3’s are not in your price rang Beats also offers a variety of other headphones and earbuds at a cheaper price including the Beats Solo3 and the Powerbeats3. The price tag can sound deceiving, but it is the quality of the product and sound that is being bought.