Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia has had its ups and downs throughout their history. In the NFL, the Eagles have yet to let Philadelphia down this year. The team has had one of the best seasons in franchise history. Although the Eagles have appeared in two super bowls, they have only come out with the title once. During the NFL pre-season, the Eagles were ranked number 18. The team was not expecting this tremendously successful season.

The offense was a stupendous part of the team’s success. The Eagles have averaged 206 rushing yards per game, 596 passing yards per game and 6 touchdowns per game. They were ranked top 10 for their offense during the regular season. Overall, the Eagles offense can put on a show.

Carson Wentz, quarterback for the Eagles, was an important and impactful player. He was a first round pick in 2016. This season, he has had a record year with a 63 passing completion percentage, 3,296 passing yards, 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He only played 13 of the 16 regular season games. Wentz was the Franchise player for the team this year, but his season came to an abrupt ending with a ACL tear. The Eagles still pulled through to perform well and make it to the Super Bowl.

A team’s defense can really make or break a season. With the Eagles defense, they have had respectful success during the regular and postseason, they are pretty set to take on the New England Patriots. As a whole, the defense ended the regular season with 708 tackles, 38 sacks, 19 interceptions with one pick six and 12 recovered force fumbles with five taken back for touchdowns. The Eagles defense has shown that they can go up against any top tier defense in the NFL.

The Super Bowl will be an interesting game to watch, because both the Eagles and Patriots are well rounded teams. The Eagles are prepared to go up against the Patriots even though the Patriots are a strong team. This Super Bowl, held at the U.S. Bank stadium in Minneapolis, MN, will be the Eagle’s third Super Bowl, and they are hoping for a successful outcome. They have been working extremely hard to have a chance to be the next Super Bowl Champions.