New England Patriots

The Patriots have had an excellent season once again. They had a shaky start in the preseason losing to the Giants, Texans and Jaguars. After these tough losses, the Patriots turned it around by beating the Detroit Lions. They carried this momentum through the regular season, and the Patriots dominated the rest of the regular season. They finished with an impressive regular season record of 13-3. They then went on to play the Tennessee Titans in the playoffs. The Patriots beat them with ease, the final score was 35-14. The Patriots then went on to the NFL Conference Championship and faced off against the Jacksonville Jaguars. A lot of people thought the Jaguars were going to beat this impressive Patriots lineup, but the Patriots held their ground and pushed out another win. This win advanced the Patriots into the superbowl.

New England’s offense has always been the pride of their football team. With Tom Brady and quarterback and the Patriots dangerous selection of wide receivers like Julian Edelman and Danny Amodeola or Tight End Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots pass game has been a nightmare for opposing defenses. The Patriots’ aggressive offensive line is the main reason for the success of their pass game, as they give Tom Brady plenty of time to make a play. This success has lead the Patriots to have 4,619 passing yards in the regular season. Even though the Patriots are primarily a pass oriented offense, they still have a dangerous running game as well. Dion Lewis doesn’t always get the spotlight, but he has been a big part of this offense and is a major key in their third down conversions. The Patriots have rushed for a total of 1,889 yards in their regular season, which gives their offense a total of 6,307 all around yards in the regular season.

People know the Patriots have one of the best offenses in the league hands down. Not everyone knows that the Patriots also have a lights out defense. The Patriots linebackers and defensive line have shut down opposing offense run game time after time. They also have done an excellent job creating blitz packages to pressure the quarterback and eliminate opposing teams pass game as well. Dont’a Hightower has been a huge leader in this teams defense. He’s played a huge part in both pass coverage and shutting down the run game. The Patriots defense has been solid all year and which is why they have been so successful all these years.

The face of the New England Patriots is legendary quarterback, Tom Brady. He has lead the Patriots back to the Super Bowl once again. This will be the Patriots tenth Super Bowl appearance since 1971. Eight of these appearances have been with quarterback Tom Brady. Out of these eight appearances in the Super Bowl, the Patriots have won five of them. Some say that Tom Brady is the reason for these wins. Tom Brady currently has the most Super Bowl Most Value Players in NFL history. He was given this title for 2018 before the Super Bowl game, and Tom Brady is also the leading the league in Super Bowl appearances for quarterbacks. Tom Brady has been with the Patriots since the 2000 NFL Draft. Over these eighteen years Tom Brady has broke several records in the NFL, and has made the Patriots one of the most feared teams in the league today.