When the pen touches the paper

Evan Hackerson

On Wednesday, Feb. 7, at 2:50 in the senior commons, fourteen students from the Owatonna High School took the next step towards their future. OHS held a signing day for athletes committing to colleges. The students who participated in the signing day have accepted an academic and athletic scholarship to either a Division I, Division II or Division III college. This was a big step towards the futures of some of the talented athletes of OHS. Some of the schools who attended signing day included South Dakota State University, St. Cloud State University, Concordia- St. Paul, and more.

The ceremony began with students being called up two at a time, with family members or coaches beside them for support, followed by the signing of the letter to commit to the school. The ceremony also included the presentation of the Gatorade player of the year award to junior running back Jason Williamson. The signing day concluded with a cake and punch receptions for students and spectators.   

Signing day was a great time to reflect on the accomplishments of OHS’ fellow peers this year as well as celebrate their bright futures ahead. Athletic director Ryan Swanson reflected on the event, and he said, “It’s a cool event for families to reminisce.” This class is a very special group of students and athletes including: Jamie Davison, Terrell Conner, Margo Achtecirch, Sophie Amundson, Peyton Robb, Kenna West, Tucker Alstead, Sydney Schultz, Jacob Dub, Braeden Meier, Jenna Zeman, Sarah Spears, Ben Stelter and Zach Mensink.  

A hand full of athletes shared what they are looking forward to in their college careers, and Terrell Conner said, “I’m looking forward to meeting new people and keeping my career going.” Basketball player Jenna Zeman said, “Getting a new perspective and surroundings, I’m excited for the new friends I’ll make.”  Wrestler Peyton Robb shared a similar quote about his excitement for college. Peyton Robb said, “I’m looking forward to broadening my close group of friends and wrestling at the D1 level.” This year’s signing day produced more college athletes than OHS has seen in a long time. Swanson said, “In 11 years I haven’t seen this many kids committing to play college athletics.”