Valentine’s Day Gifts

Julia Hansen

Legend has it that as told by the History of St. Valentine’s Day  that Valentine’s Day is celebrated because of St. Valentine, and he celebrates his feast day on Feb. 14. St. Valentine was imprisoned for helping Christians escape harsh Roman beatings. While in prison, he sent the first “Valentine” to a young girl who he fell in love with, so this is where the expression that is still used today comes from. At the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared Feb. 14 St. Valentine’s Day. The traditions have grown to elementary schools making and decorating bags for others to put candy and notes in, or those in relationships make the day special for each other. St. Valentine’s Day cards were originally decorated with pictures of cupid, hearts, flowers and trimmed with lace and ribbon. These images are still used in the modern day to symbolise and recognize the day that is dedicated to love all over the world.

Now, Americans spend a large amount of money on Valentines day.  The Huffington Post  did a survey on the amount spent for this occasion, and it turns out that the average person will spend $130.97 for Valentines Day. Flowers take the lead as the most popular gift of choice. While flowers can be given year round, sending a few or a dozen during the 14th of February is extra special as it is paired with the extra sentiment of love. Many people will also buy stuffed animals, chocolate and jewelry. These ideas are the most common for people to receive on Feb. 14. Junior Alexa Willert said, “I plan on spending Valentines with my boyfriend. I’m sure we will go to a movie, and I hope he gets me chocolate covered strawberries.” If Willert’s boyfriend is reading this, there is no better hint for what to do on Valentine’s day than having it published in a newspaper. From a boy’s perspective, Senior Abe Havelka said, “Valentine’s Day is a great way to show appreciation and it takes thought into picking out the right gift for that person.”

Some gifts that have been becoming popular for the special day is to make them “Do it yourself” (DIY) gifts. The person receiving the gift can feel like they are acquiring something more personal to someone because it was handmade. Many DIY gift ideas involve filling jars with items, such as encouraging notes for each day, date ideas and candies. A couple more easier DIY gifts include flower reefs, candy bouquets and homemade bath scrubs. These can be heartfelt and relatively inexpensive.

Whether a Valentine’s gift is DIY or store bought, many people believe that any gift is not complete without a letter or card. Writing a personal message to a special someone shows that they are loved, and it can mean more than any gift. It is also important to remember that the guy does not always the only one to give gifts. Even though it may not be commonly expected, guys like to receive a card or even candy to show that their significant other cares about them too.