The war on Christmas and why it does not exist

Editor Notes: This article is an opinion editorial that reflects the beliefs and opinions of the writer, these beliefs and opinions do not reflect the views of the rest of the staff or represent Owatonna High School. This is a point-counter point article.  The campanion piece The war on Christmas can be found also in the opinion section.

This season, if you tune into the Fox News network, you might see a segment on something called the “War on Christmas.” Now, before you grab your guns and enlist, let me inform you. “The War” is the idea that a certain secular group is taking the “Christ” out of Christmas. How? By demanding schools to say “Happy Holidays!” instead of Merry Christmas, or relieving the season of its religious values entirely. When you think about it, have the religious values been overshadowed by the commercialism surrounding the holiday season? When you think of Christmas, you are mainly excited about presents. But the war sounds horrible, does it not? It is too bad it is not real.

According to Rational Wiki, this war was first acknowledged in 1959, when the John Birch society released a pamphlet called “There Goes Christmas.” In the pamphlet, they mentioned the theory that the communists were planning to take the religious value out of Christmas. But wait, why does it matter so much? It is your own decision and right to celebrate Christmas if you would like to. If Wal-Mart forces greeters to say Happy Holidays instead of “Merry Christmas!” it should not be offensive to anyone whatsoever. They are encouraged to say this because we cannot leave other religions and cultures in the dust, like some say America has done many times before. In a recent gallop poll from, 75 percent of Americans have said that they prefer a more ‘religious’ America, not necessarily a Christian one alone. Once again, why does it matter? The true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate being together with your family, loving one another and giving back to the less fortunate. That sounds nice.

In America, many religions are practiced and celebrated. The main being Christianity. Although it is not the official religion of the United States, many Americans seem to think so. And that is where the trouble comes in. Christianity is not the only important religion this season. That is why corporations, schools, companies say, “Hey! Would it be rude to assume that everyone celebrates Christmas? We could say…`Happy Holidays’ instead of favoring!” Nobody is taking away the rights to say Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukah, and the many other religions celebrated. No one. If it is your preference, I understand. But with a diversity like ours, it is ignorant to assume Christianity and the “Birth of Jesus,” is the most important celebration this season. So, let us see what “Happy Holidays” might imply: Eid al Adha, Ramadan, Solstice, Yule, and…wait for it…Christmas!

I know that the opposition might disagree. Who is to say I am right? All I would like is for people to respect the differences that make each other this season. This holiday is about coming together and loving one another, so celebrate it well. Happy Holidays OHS, and have a wonderful break.