Simplifying the Season

Skyler Eaton

The math league program has been around Minnesota since 1980, and at OHS, Mr. Steve Benson has been the math league coach since 1999. For math league competitions, a team needs at least eight students and this year OHS had 11 students on the Big 9 competition roster. Each competition takes place at one of the Rochester High Schools. At each event, there are four different categories A, B, C and D. In each session there is a classroom with desks, pens and paper. Each session lasts 12 minutes and then they rotate.

Four events have already taken place, and the final meet of the year is at 4 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 12 at Mayo High School. OHS has placed fourth in the first four Big 9 meets and is ranked fourth place in the Big 9 overall. Coach Benson said, “Every math league student is great to work with and we always have a fun season together.” Coach Benson has many students on the Big 9 leadership board. These students are Miles Kuhn, Jacob Pfeifer, Jenna Gleason, John Pfeifer, Kaleb Enter, Ashton Jensen and Emily Maine. Jenna Gleason said, “My favorite thing about being involved in math league is that it makes math class much easier.” The team has also prepared for the AMC12 exam which was on Wed, Feb. 7. This exam is a math competition for a scholarship to the highest scorer.