Skating into sections



OHS Boys Hockey team prepares for sections on Saturday

Brock Stephenson

The OHS Boys Hockey team have had a decent regular season thus far. Their current record stands at 11-11-2. This year’s captains are Braeden Meier and Mitchell Wiese. They have been working hard towards leading their team in the right direction. They are not the only ones stepping up on this year. Seniors Tyler Wencl and Nate Smith have also stepped up, as they are leading the team in points. As of now, Wencl has gotten 23 points for the team, and Smith has 18 points. There has also been some leadership coming from the underclassmen this year. Sophomore Zach Wiese has been shadowing senior goalie Ryan Johnson, and he has seen a lot of time in the net this year.

 Zach Weise is currently leading the goalies in save percentage and goals against average. This has played a part in the Huskies successes in their regular season, and this play could be a key factor to success in the upcoming weeks. Mitchell Weise said, “I see ourselves taking the fourth or fifth seed for sections.” As the players finish these last games and start to prepare for sections, Meier said, “We need to start putting in more effort on the ice, we need to start working together and play as a team.” This is what the captains will be pushing towards as they move into their conference playoffs, and the coaches will be doing the same. Head Coach Josh Storm said, “I would love for the team to become more consistent in their play.  Full three periods every game.” Best of luck to the boys, and support the Huskies and cheer them on as they stride into sections sections! Their next game is on Saturday, Feb. 17 at the Bud King Ice Arena in Winona.