Owatonna Football closes the playbook

Terrell Conner

The Owatonna Football team received the physical piece of winning a state championship. The team received their state champion rings on Monday, Feb. 19. Captain Abe Havelka said, “I can’t believe it still. It is something that I will never forget. It will be the last time we will be together as a team and this a great way to celebrate it.” Havelka was a huge part of the huskies success. Head coach Jeff Williams said, “This is the last time that we would be able to be together as a group, and it is a very special reason too.” This is the second time the Huskies have won a state championship in five years.

The rings themselves are made up of multiple imitation gems with a wide silver band. On the ring were the players name, number, position and record of their season. The rings were purchased by the players.  The State Champion Banner was displayed to the team. The banner will be hung in gymnasium sometime in the near future. This event is the final time that the 2017 Owatonna Huskies Football team will have a special moment together.