Prom day preppers


Casey Cumberland

Here are helpful tips on how to save money on going to Prom.

Hailey Cockram and Skyler Eaton, Writer

As prom is approaching, many OHS students have already began looking at dresses, tuxes, accessories and other expenses that come along with prom. The average cost girls and guys spend for the whole prom experience is around $300-450, and there are many ways that different costs add up to one expensive night.

In Owatonna there is one place for tuxedo rental. Klecker’s Kreations in downtown Owatonna, MN. Suits may also be rented from Tip Top Tux in Mankato, MN or Leautholds in Albert Lea, MN. Tuxedos from these places range from $100 to $200. Although prom is still the same amount of time away for the boys, renting a tuxedo isn’t as time consuming. Often young men coordinate the tux with their date’s dress.

A popular place to shop for dresses is the Prom Shop in Byron, MN. These dresses range in price from $300 to $1,000. Dresses can also be found at some retail stores such as Macy’s or Sears. Dresses from these stores usually range from $100 to $300. But these can be on the pricey side, so there are other options such as shopping online or searching through an exchange program. Some websites, such as or promgirl, have cheaper options that are just as elegant and beautiful.

Since prom can get expensive, there is also a Facebook page for a non-profit charity called Operation Cinderella. It is an exchange program of prom dresses for girls who have a lower prom budget and still want a magical prom experience. The dresses on this page are totally free. Another dress exchange program is Cinderella’s Closet in Hope at the Hope United Methodist Church. They have dresses, shoes, jewelry and other prom accessories for free. Dates, times and other information can be found on their Facebook page called Cinderella’s Closet at Hope. There are also many others who instead bought a used dress from someones previous prom. Junior Emma Maher reached out to an upperclassmen to purchase a dress for prom, and she said, “It was my first choice, fit perfectly, fit in my budget and made shopping way easier.” Choosing a prom dress does not have to be a hassle or budget breaking.

After finding a dress, the next thing on the shopping list is shoes. Guys can get it with their tuxedo rental. Traditionally, girls have worn heels with their dresses to fit the a classy style, but recently the style has changed to wearing something a bit more comfortable. A common comfortable shoe would be Converse because they are cute and comfortable. However, not all students will be choosing the comfy style. There will still be those who still stick with the classic heel or wedge. Any shoe style can be bought at Target, Kohls, Payless or Famous Footwear while still being affordable.

The next item on the list is accessories. Some options for jewelry include bracelets, earrings and necklaces, and all of these are optional accessories for the occasion. Guys typically wear a watch and cufflinks. Depending on how the dress looks and fits, different types of jewelry will complement the dress more than others. Target, Walmart, Kohl’s or out of town jewelry stores are great places to purchase these accessories.

With all the work put into looking good, the look is not complete without a manicure and makeup. Many girls choose to buy makeup and nail polish and do their makeup at home.
Having hair, makeup and nail parties can be a great way to save money and extend the amount of time that is spent with great friends.

Although prom is not until May 12, there is a lot of work to put into it which is the reason students are starting to get things ready now. Reservations need to be made ahead of time to ensure any appointments. To help eliminate stress for prom preparations, there are many ways to get on top of preparations and save money. The final look is important, but prom night is truly about having a good time with friends and making memories.