Back in action with a timeless love story


Nick Hagen and Izzy Melgaard as lead roles in Aida

Julia Hansen

Elton John and Tim Rice’s Aida opened at the Palace Theatre on Mar 23, 2000. Aida was one of the longest running shows in Broadway history. This story is about an unbeaten love between an Egyptian captain and an Nuwbia princess. This OHS musical is directed by Mr. Eitrheim, who is going on 18 years of directing. Eitrheim has been preparing the cast for this musical since their Romeo and Juliet performance in Nov. 2017. They have prepared by searching for a musical that will work well with their cast. Everyone researched for the equipment and material they would need for each potential musical, and they discussed any challenges they may come across with each of their options.

Eitrheim and his cast picked a darker and more dramatic musical this year compared to recent ones, and he said, “This year’s cast is a fantastic group to work with. They’re beautifully talented and hard working. Aida will definitely be one to remember between the actors, lights, singing and their overall performance.” The musical cast has been meeting everyday after school for weeks to perfect their performance.

The OHS musical cast has an important role in bringing this story to life. The cast includes 46 students. There are eight main roles and 38 chorus members. The two main roles for this musical are sophomore Izzy Melgaard playing Aida and senior Nicholas Hagen playing Captain Radames. Melgaard has performed in the OHS musical The Little Mermaid and has prepared for her big role as Aida by taking voice lessons every week, singing in choir and watching the musical online to listen to the soundtrack. Melgaard said, “I’m super excited to be a part of this cast. The choreography combined with the singing and acting just makes it amazing.” Hagen has been in the past three OHS musicals. He prepared for his strong role by doing lots of vocal training as well. This has been the most demanding shows he has performed in, and he said, “The cast is incredible, and the pit crew is on a professional level. Everyone has put in so much time and effort in this show. Opening night should be packed, and everyone should come.”

Aida will be performed on Mar. 1-3 at 7 p.m. and Mar. 4 at 1:30 p.m. All showings will be held in the OHS auditorium. Prices are $5 for students or free with an activity pass and $7 for adults. Tickets are available at the door or one can order them online at Come support the OHS on this musical journey.