DECA State wrap up


Matt Segler

OHS DECA State Finalists

Matt Segler

The individuals that made it to DECA state had earned their way there. Not only did they have to to qualify for state at districts, but they had to acquire 10 points worth of service. Some opportunities were to rake leaves, get judges for districts, or other various ways to serve the community.

The conference went from early morning on Sunday, Mar. 4 through the night of Tuesday, Mar. 6. There were plenty of great experiences made throughout the conference whether it be the late nights in the hotel rooms or the early mornings to get ready for your competition. For some it was a new experience. Junior Syd Kretlow said, “My favorite part about state was getting the opportunity to compete again at a higher level and exploring the city with my friends and getting to eat at cool places.” For some it marked the end of a DECA career. Senior Braeden Meier said, “DECA has given me opportunities to travel places, meet new people and learn about business.”

There was plenty of good times and learning at state. Senior Nate Smith said, “I enjoyed hanging with my advisers Pierce and Olson.”  Many participants enjoyed the freedom of walking around the city and enjoying new food places. There is much to learn from the competitors. First year state participant and Junior Ben Johnson said, “DECA state brought me and a bunch of good friends together to learn about good business practices while also having a good time.” Competition is much more advanced and you get to see some of the best in the state.

OHS Finalists: Savannah Brown, Evan Hackerson and Clare Keltto for Learn and Earn Project, Molly Hawkins and Rilee Schmidt for Top Test Scores, Grace Pick and Rilee Schmidt for  Entrepreneurship Team Role Play, Margaret Heisler, Jordan Whalen and Cassie Trout for the Financial Literacy Promotion Project, Jade Huseby for Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

DECA has opened up many new opportunities for students. Senior Evan Hackerson said, “DECA state was a great opportunity to learn more about business and entrepreneurship in the real world for my career.” With another state competition in the books a few select students get to experience the national conference in Atlanta, Ga.

OHS had eight National Qualifiers: Savannah Brown, Clare Keltto, Kenna West, Erica Svenby, Grace Pick, Rilee Schmidt, Nick Sande and Nolan Malo. They will compete with their Membership Campaign, Community Service Project, and Promotion Campaign.  Nationals are April 21-24 in Atlanta, Ga.