Real preparation is in the off season


Casey Cumberland

Spring sport athletes prepare for the upcoming season.

Casey Cumberland and Corey Gander

As spring approaches, OHS students, as well as coaches start to prepare for the season ahead. Although official practices can’t start yet, there is much preparation in the works. Many of the spring sports teams at OHS have captains practice, where the captains from each team host a practice, because the coaches are not able to  be at practices.  Many teams also have have instructional meeting with the coaches, parents and players. In these meetings, the coaches explain the expectations, schedules and other things of that nature to the parents and players. The OHS spring sports include: baseball, lacrosse, softball, track, golf and the boys tennis season.

 The OHS baseball team has a few opportunities for pre-season workouts. There is before school throwing on Tuesdays, open gyms more focused on hitting Wednesday nights and open practices at the Packer Dome in Austin, Minnesota. Senior captain Nolan Malo said,   “These opportunities are crucial for our success this upcoming spring.” Boys and girls golf have Golf 360 downtown for indoor pre-season practice.  Track are not having any captains practices or anything organized training, but the athletes are expected to be in the weight room and doing what they need to be prepared for their events when the season comes.  Senior captain, Margo Achterkirch said, “The team has been working hard, and doing their best to prepare.”  Girls lacrosse has after school workouts, and both girls and boys lacrosse have captains practice going on currently.

 The OHS spring sports teams are doing everything they can to be prepared for the upcoming season, and are looking forward to seeing how the seasons will play out.