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Corey Gander

Fortnite Mobile fun to play, but needs update

Corey Gander

Epic Games released the mobile version of Fortnite on Monday, March 12. At the release of the game, only a limited amount of invites were sent out for people to be able to play, but as the game was becoming more popular, more invites were sent out. The mobile version of the game contains all the same content as the console and PC versions, and the game has reached the top of the App Store charts in 47 countries soon after it was released. According to reports, Epic Games made over $1 million from in-app purchases in its first few days. However, the game is still in its early stages and many complaints and issues are beginning to arise.

Fortnite Mobile is becoming a problem in classrooms for many students around the world. Mr. Prafke said, “Whenever I see one of my students playing the game on their phone, I take their phone for the rest of the hour.” Many teachers have posted complaints about their students playing during class time, and some schools have take action by blocking the game on their Wi-Fi. There has been no information to whether this tactic has worked, but kids are now playing the game nonstop.

The biggest problems that comes up when talking about the mobile version of the game is its controls and cross platform play. Cross platform play means that mobile users will be competing against users on consoles and PC. Cross platforming can put mobile users at a disadvantage because the controls are harder to use than other platforms. Senior Noah Budach said, “I enjoy being able to play Fortnite on my phone, but they need to make the game easier for mobile users.” Epic Games is currently working on an update to improve the control settings, and to eliminate the cross platform setting from the game. As of today, fortnite mobile is only available for IOS users, but Epic Games has announced that they will be releasing the android version of the game within the next few months.